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schetakis architects
Lefteris Schetakis

Our Vision

Schetakis architects, is a contemporary architecture practice based in Chania (Greece), founded by Schetakis Lefteris in 2017.

Our studio is renowned for innovative, minimalist architecture. Founded on precision, elegance, and functionality, our studio crafts spaces that embody simplicity and sophistication.

We believe in minimalism, where each element and line carries purpose.

Our designs prioritize visual appeal and enhance human experience.

Our portfolio spans urban residences, hotel renovations to avant-garde commercial spaces, all featuring clean lines and seamless form-function integration.

Collaboration is central; we tailor solutions to surpass expectations. With a passion for innovation and excellence, we create enduring, inspiring spaces.

Schetakis Lefteris (Athens, 1980) studied Interior Design at AKTO college (Athens, 2002) , Architecture at the University La Sapienza (Rome, 2008) and holds a Master in Advanced Architectural Design from the University of Thessaly (Volos, 2011).

Transform your space with our expert architectural design services, blending innovation, function,  to create your dream environment.

Architectural design

Elevate your interiors with our bespoke design services, crafting stylish, functional spaces tailored to your unique vision and needs.

Interior Design

Ensure seamless execution with our expert project supervision, delivering quality results on time and within budget for every project.

Project Supervision

What We Offer

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